Dance with Me

In light of the current lockdown / social distancing situations around the world because of Covid-19 I am releasing short choreography tutorials for you to follow along with from wherever you are in the world. My goal, as with my choreography cards, is to initiate a process. To

How To Become a Better Choreographer

Over the past five years or so, I have accumulated an array of tips that have enabled me to become a better choreographer. Just under two years ago I published “3 ways to become a better choreographer” and, after a short review of this text,

An Interview with Sammy Wong

An Interview with Sammy Wong

Sammy Wong is a professionally trained dancer / choreographer based in New York City, USA. From what I have seen of his movement, he maintains a really unique style of pole work that he been able to build in only two years of practicing pole.

An Interview with The Pole Comedian

You may know Amy Rosvally (aka The Pole Comedian) as the pole dancing TRex in a video that went Viral in 2016. I certainly remember watching it because nearly every one of my pole friends had shared it. Amy has a BA in Theatre and

An interview with Amanda Chown

An Interview with Amanda Chown

Amanda Chown is an international pole and fitness competitor who is also a PhD student with a focus in inorganic chemistry at Auburn University, Alabama.  From this, you already get a sense of how hard working this lady is and she clearly demonstrates this work

Questioning Whilst Creating Dance

Questioning Whilst Creating Dance

I was playing at this studio this morning for a new choreography. This is very a familiar process for me and it usually goes something like this… jump around like a lunatic for a little bit until I warm my body, then I’ll do a

Leeann Ball

An Interview with Leeann Ball

Leeann is an international aerialist and dancer from Toronto, Canada. I first came across her work last year when I reposted one of her choreography videos on the Pole Purpose Instagram page. She has a very unique style of movement and I have loved reading


An Interview with Theo Robertson

I first watched Theo Robertson perform at Miss Pole Dance UK 2017 in the Mr Pole Fitness category. I knew straight away that he was contemporary dancer, not only because of the way he moved his body, but because of the detailed quality of choreography.

Big Magic in Dance

Big Magic in Dance

Having gone through multiple creative processes over the past few months (and years), in pole dance fusion or in contemporary dance, I have been thinking a lot about creativity. Mainly in relation to the harshness of the solo process and how the next time might

Miglena Lafchieva

An Interview with Miglena Lafchieva

Miglena Lafchieva is an interface designer and a pole choreographer who is currently living in Berlin and teaching at Soul flight Studio. Throughout this interview Miglena speaks about her playful, childlike, creative process and how choreography has increased her understanding of music. Everything she speaks