An Interview with Clem Piller

An Interview with Clem Piller

Clem Piller has been dancing from a very young age which came as a result of her mother taking her to ballet classes. Her passion for dance lead her into teaching dance to young people in the local village where she lived at the time.

Breaking Movement Habits

Breaking Movement Habits

Breaking movement habits is something that all dancers should consider. But, what is it that causes us to build up this habitual way of moving? When we dance, our brain can sometimes switch onto autopilot and the movement that is soft or the movement that

An Interview with Saulo Sarmiento

This week’s guest artist feature is with the incredible Saulo Sarmiento; professional dance artist, acrobat and gymnast. Saulo has worked on many projects worldwide with well-established choreographers such as Franco Dragone and Giuliano Peparini. Inspired by music, Saulo’s solo practice allowed him to create an

Is Dance Practice Self Indulgent

Is Solo Dance Self Indulgent?

Vulnerability is all over me when I dance. Maybe the audience doesn’t notice it because of the way I have manipulated the movement or the way my facial expression looks as I focus on them, but I know that when I watch my work I

An Interview with Marquette Carrington

This week on Pole Purpose, we have interviewed the dynamic and versatile choreographer, Marquette Carrington, who has been working in dance since she was a child and has benefited from a variety of training in various disciplines of dance. Marquette has strong opinions on pole

An Interview with Carolina Ramos

This week at Pole Purpose, I have had the opportunity to interview the fantastic Carolina Ramos. Carolina is an exciting professional choreographer / performer who boasts a BA Hons in Modern dance and has over 12 years of experience in the professional dance industry, combined

reality of creating pole dance

The Emotions of Creating Solo Dance

Before I began creating my first solo dance using autobiographical narrative and improvisation as a source for inspiration; I read that the process can be a bit of a head fuck. And believe me, it was and still is! Sometimes it can feel like you’re

4 ways to improve your freestyle

4 Ways to Improve Your Freestyle

The most common barrier that stops people from taking part and letting go during an improvisation is fear. There is fear of what other people might think, fear that it could go wrong or fear that nothing will come to mind and you will be

Too Much Movement Material

When creating dance there are people who will have mountains of movement material to sieve through or there are those who create far too little. For me, it can go either way, there is never just the right amount and I’m ok with that because