It's Not All About Tricks

It’s Not All About The Tricks

Dance is not all about the tricks, how high you can get your leg or how long you can hold a certain pose. Whilst all of those things are eye catching and impressive they don’t make me feel anything apart from a second or two

Is Pole Dance Sexy?

Is Pole Dance Sexy?

Pole dance is often labelled as a sexualized art form. Well, sometimes it’s not even classed as an art form but that is a subject for another post. I think I have demonstrated in 70% of my choreography that pole dance can be something completely

Is Dance Practice Self Indulgent

Is Solo Dance Self Indulgent?

Vulnerability is all over me when I dance. Maybe the audience doesn’t notice it because of the way I have manipulated the movement or the way my facial expression looks as I focus on them, but I know that when I watch my work I

Too Much Movement Material

When creating dance there are people who will have mountains of movement material to sieve through or there are those who create far too little. For me, it can go either way, there is never just the right amount and I’m ok with that because