Want to create your own pole dance with easy to learn techniques? Through continuous research focused on creative choreography and pole dance, Pole Purpose is the leading informational resource that encourages a global audience to understand creative practice, how it can be applied to pole dance and how to feel empowered during the process

Readers can benefit from:Pole Purpose About

  • Tips on how to increase self-confidence through creative practice
  • Weekly choreography tutorials
  • Ideas on stimulus for choreography
  • Interviews with choreographers who inspire you
  • Speaking Through Movement eBook

Pole Purpose is led by Rowena Gander, who is dedicated to educating people about creative practice and the many benefits it has regarding self-discovery, self-awareness and overall wellbeing. Rowena is an internationally recognised dance artist and a BA Hons graduate of Dance Practices.

Rowena created Pole Purpose beacuse she felt that the pole dance industry was lacking information in the area of creative choreography. No one was really talking about it and if they did it was very mimimal. Furthermore, as pole dance is often a solo process, Rowena aims to provide a voice that can motivate and encourage anyone to create their own dance work whether a professional dancer or a complete beginner.  Written by Rowena, Speaking through Movement was written to accompany dancers during their creative journey.