July 19, 2020 Plagiarism in Pole Dance

If you copy from one author, its plagiarism, but if you copy from many, it is research – Austin Kleon   Recently I have seen pole dancers write “look at this move I made” or “credit to @suchandsuch for this beautiful move”, pole teachers say “please credit

June 3, 2020 How to Shoulder Roll Tutorial

This tutorial with teach you how to shoulder roll safely. Knowing how to shoulder roll will make a great addition to your floorwork movement vocabulary in both pole dance floor work and contemporary dance floor work. Rowena x Don’t forget to check out Choreography Cards for tons

May 31, 2020 Three Ways to Improve Creativity in Pole Dance

Dancers ask me all of the time for tips on how they can improve their creativity when it comes to choreography. I often refer to these three tips that have helped me expand my own thinking, Forget about the spectacle - stop getting lost in

April 26, 2020 Basic Tutorials for Beginner Pole Dancers

This post is focussed on basic tutorials for beginner pole dancers, offering warm up, tutorials for individual tricks, a combination and a cool down. That is not to say that the more experienced pole dancer wouldn’t benefit from it, it is always great to brush

April 8, 2020 An Interview with Meri Burgess

Meri discusses the foundation of her pole dance practice and how after only two years of training, she began teaching and performing in pole dance. I was excited to learn about Meri’s Inanimate Dance Organization as I believe it can reframe the ways in which