April 8, 2020 An Interview with Meri Burgess

Meri discusses the foundation of her pole dance practice and how after only two years of training, she began teaching and performing in pole dance. I was excited to learn about Meri’s Inanimate Dance Organization as I believe it can reframe the ways in which

March 21, 2020 Dance with Me

In light of the current lockdown / social distancing situations around the world because of Covid-19 I am releasing short choreography tutorials for you to follow along with from wherever you are in the world. My goal, as with my choreography cards, is to initiate a process. To

April 18, 2018 How To Become a Better Choreographer

Over the past five years or so, I have accumulated an array of tips that have enabled me to become a better choreographer. Just under two years ago I published “3 ways to become a better choreographer” and, after a short review of this text,

February 10, 2018 An Interview with Sammy Wong

Sammy Wong is a professionally trained dancer / choreographer based in New York City, USA. From what I have seen of his movement, he maintains a really unique style of pole work that he been able to build in only two years of practicing pole.

January 21, 2018 An Interview with The Pole Comedian

You may know Amy Rosvally (aka The Pole Comedian) as the pole dancing TRex in a video that went Viral in 2016. I certainly remember watching it because nearly every one of my pole friends had shared it. Amy has a BA in Theatre and

January 14, 2018 An Interview with Amanda Chown

Amanda Chown is an international pole and fitness competitor who is also a PhD student with a focus in inorganic chemistry at Auburn University, Alabama.  From this, you already get a sense of how hard working this lady is and she clearly demonstrates this work