December 23, 2017 An Interview with Leeann Ball

Leeann is an international aerialist and dancer from Toronto, Canada. I first came across her work last year when I reposted one of her choreography videos on the Pole Purpose Instagram page. She has a very unique style of movement and I have loved reading

December 10, 2017 An Interview with Theo Robertson

I first watched Theo Robertson perform at Miss Pole Dance UK 2017 in the Mr Pole Fitness category. I knew straight away that he was contemporary dancer, not only because of the way he moved his body, but because of the detailed quality of choreography.

January 4, 2017 Big Magic in Dance

Having gone through multiple creative processes over the past few months (and years), in pole dance fusion or in contemporary dance, I have been thinking a lot about creativity. Mainly in relation to the harshness of the solo process and how the next time might

October 31, 2016 An Interview with Miglena Lafchieva

Miglena Lafchieva is an interface designer and a pole choreographer who is currently living in Berlin and teaching at Soul flight Studio. Throughout this interview Miglena speaks about her playful, childlike, creative process and how choreography has increased her understanding of music. Everything she speaks

September 27, 2016 It’s Not All About The Tricks

Dance is not all about the tricks, how high you can get your leg or how long you can hold a certain pose. Whilst all of those things are eye catching and impressive they don’t make me feel anything apart from a second or two

September 21, 2016 The Reality of Creating Pole Dance

The reality of creating dance applies to EVERY single choreographer out there, maybe not in the same order or to the same degree as I am showing, but the rollercoaster of emotion is and will always be present during any creative process. Even for those

September 8, 2016 How to Enhance Creativity in Dance

Whether you are experiencing a mental block, or you generally just feel like your work is going nowhere, this post will provide you with some resourceful, effective rituals that can be applied to your daily life in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of

August 30, 2016 Repetition in Pole Dance

The use of repetition in pole dance is not something that is seen very often which is a shame because it can be a very useful choreographic device in all fields of dance, including pole dance. When I speak of repetition I am referring to