March 1, 2016 Holiday Planned? How Will I Pole Dance?

Quite often when people take a holiday they take a break away from everything within their normal routine at home, including pole. This can be a positive thing as it is always good to reenergize the body and mind, however, it can also be very

February 24, 2016 It’s Not Pole Dance, It’s…

As Pole dance has evolved into new popularity across the world it has been given an array of different titles including polenastics, pole art, pole fitness and pole sport. While I welcome innovative thinking from business owners and events teams, I wonder why the general

February 16, 2016 What Influences Choreography?

What can influence choreography? Everything, is the simple answer to that question. Everything and anything can influence movement and the way it is arranged which is why I’m so sure that there are no wrong answers in choreography. If there was, then we would have

February 10, 2016 4 Benefits of Pole Dance

After teaching so much pole dance over the last couple of weeks I have really been able to see what a difference it makes to the people who attend class. Oftentimes people come to class after a hard day or a long week at work

February 2, 2016 Solo Dance and Business

Solo work is much like being an entrepreneur and running your own business. You are the business and are thus responsible for everything that happens throughout your performance. The choreography, the training, the level of rehearsals, the music choice, the costume etc. Each of those

January 26, 2016 How To Take Pole Dance Seriously

For those of you that don’t know, I am a professional dancer and choreographer who works mainly in contemporary dance. I am working, as a performer, on a project at the moment that is portraying existing art such as paintings, sculptures and pictures as embodied

January 19, 2016 Dance is a Personal Art Form

After doing some online judging for Yorkshire Pole Dance Championships I have been inspired to write this post because of how these girls really show themselves through movement. I haven’t met any of them and I don’t know if we have anything in common, other

January 14, 2016 An Interview with Blondie

From weightlifting, ballet and an addiction to pole dance; Blondie is a fantastic performer that shows clear versatility through intention and choreography. Her biggest inspiration is her fellow pole dancers who, as a community, build each other up and give each other the motivation to