Pole Dance Plateau

Pole Dance PlateauWe’ve all been there, we’ve all hit a pole dance plateau at some point or another, and it even happens to the world’s best at their art. We are taught that to become better at something, we must repeat the same actions over and over whilst never giving up until we reach the desired destination. However, whilst this is true, it can sometimes become a bit draining, and as a result of this, training can suffer due to the feeling of being overworked and uninspired. The key to getting over this is to recognize the signs and continue pushing through, i.e. if training feels like it is becoming a chore, it is a sure indication that something needs to shift. When I have experienced this kind of plateau in my training I have found that the tips listed below really help me find my training flow again. Try them out and let me know what you think. (more…)

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Should Children Pole Dance?

Should Children Pole DanceI know I’m a little bit late on the mark, but over the past few weeks there has been a major debate, aired on ITV, about kids taking part in pole fitness classes. Of course, the TV station received phone calls from people expressing how disgusting they think that it is, but on the other hand there were those that could see no harm in it whatsoever. Although I don’t teach pole dance to children I know that they are in absolutely no danger for having attended a pole fitness class. Depending on the teacher, a pole class is set out much like a gymnastics session or a regular dance class. You do the warm up, the main part of the class, either working on tricks or a routine, and then you stretch and cool down. There is nothing particularly sexual about a pole dance class unless you are specifically seeking to attend a class that requires the wearing heels and a g string. (more…)

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Pole Dance Life

Pole Dance LifeSometimes when we feel down, anxious or stressed we go searching for something to help us feel better but more often than not, that what we are searching for is what we already have. Amongst dancers I have heard “I have no self-discipline” yet they have managed to master many dance combinations and can pick up movement in pretty much any dance style. Or I’ve heard “I find it very difficult to relax” yet they can do the splits in every way possible. The point is, practicing pole dance utilizes abilities we think we don’t possess and if you know what they are you could really begin to apply them to your life. This post isn’t just aimed at professional dancers either, even the beginner dancer would benefit. (more…)

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Holiday Planned? How Will I Pole Dance?

Holiday Planned? How Will I Pole Dance?Quite often when people take a holiday they take a break away from everything within their normal routine at home, including pole. This can be a positive thing as it is always good to reenergize the body and mind, however, it can also be very sad if poling is an activity that really makes you happy and that you don’t feel you need a rest from. If you do have a holiday planned this year here are some tips you could use in order to keep pole in your life while you’re away from home. (more…)

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