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Pole Dance LifeSometimes when we feel down, anxious or stressed we go searching for something to help us feel better but more often than not, that what we are searching for is what we already have. Amongst dancers I have heard “I have no self-discipline” yet they have managed to master many dance combinations and can pick up movement in pretty much any dance style. Or I’ve heard “I find it very difficult to relax” yet they can do the splits in every way possible. The point is, practicing pole dance utilizes abilities we think we don’t possess and if you know what they are you could really begin to apply them to your life. This post isn’t just aimed at professional dancers either, even the beginner dancer would benefit.


Do you consider yourself to be someone who has self-discipline? If the answer is no and you take pole class I urge you to reconsider that answer. Pole dance is a sure way to prove your level of discipline because the only way you will ever improve is to get back up and try again. Discipline is what I love so much about dance and fitness because it cannot be bought, you can’t hire someone else to do your training for you and you can’t be given flexibility, strength or technique. You have to earn it through repetitive activity and putting the work in. The same goes for anything you want in life, even if it is non dance related. If you are setting up a business or if you are looking for a new job, you should transfer the discipline you use so very well in pole dance and keep trying until you get where you want to be.

Relax for Progress

I always thought this was counterproductive, but in actual fact, it makes a lot of sense because if someone was stretching and stressing about flexibility progression they would probably hurt themselves and go nowhere. Thus, in order to progress you must relax and be patient. Through writing this post I now see why I am very relaxed about learning choreography and pole tricks on both sides. Through experience I know that if I overanalyze movement or stretching I will panic and tense up, but if I relax and trust in my body it always goes right. Applying this to life is very beneficial too. It’s really illogical to stress over everyday problems that we have no control over because it will not change anything apart from our own emotional wellbeing. So, if you have any problems at work or in relationship, think of your problem like a stretch; take a deep breath, be patient and the problem will resolve without the unnecessary stress.

To Be Present

When was the last time you felt like you were truly present? It can be anytime; during a meal, watching a film or walking in the park? Sometimes I struggle to answer that question myself, unless it has something to do with dance. Dance is the area where I feel like I am most present and undistracted by other thoughts. I mean, it’s difficult to be somewhere else in my mind when I’m at the top of the pole in an inverted ball where my entire focus is on a split second decision that could mean the difference between safety and falling. But, what is it about dance that makes us so focused? In general I think it has much to do with lack of distraction and knowing what we are there for. It’s not very often you see someone playing on their phone during a performance or in class. Maybe focusing on one thing at a time could be applied to other aspects of life?

Use your training wisely and apply it to all of life. What other things do you think could be taken from pole dance and applied to real life?

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