Stillness in Pole Dance

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Stillness in PoledanceStillness in pole dance is something that we rarely see and I wonder why this is. Why do pole dancers feel the need to move at such a fast pace as if a pause would slow them down? I’m a fan of varied dynamics and I think slowing the movement down and taking some time to stop and let the audience understand your work is generally a positive thing if it is delivered naturally. Stopping in the middle a dance work at a random points is very different to finding the natural pausing point where it is still very much part of the performance. Some choreographers argue that a pause can be stronger than any other part of their work if happens in the right place. Furthermore, a pause allows both physical rest and mental rest for the performer. If the movement is so fast paced that is becomes chaotic it can seriously effect performance quality and the way the movement is received. (more…)

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An Interview with Pony Poison

Pony PoisonThis week Pole Purpose has the opportunity to interview the fabulous Pony Poison. A Las Vegas girl who has a love for honest movement and aerial dance. Inspired by technique from formal dance training in ballet, modern and Jazz, Pony knows when to be technical and when to throw it away to make the movement more authentic. I found it interesting that she sees her work as something bigger than herself because the ideas comes through her an not from her. (more…)

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