Dance with Me
Dance with Me

Dance with Me

In light of the current lockdown / social distancing situations around the world because of Covid-19 I am releasing short choreography tutorials for you to follow along with from wherever you are in the world. My goal, as with my choreography cards, is to initiate a process. To offer you a small thread of movement that you might use to begin your own exploration.

Each week I will upload a new video and talk a little bit about the stimulus.

I will also be offering tutorials for choreography, beginners and intermediate pole classes in Skype or pre-recorded format – feedback will be offered for pre-recorded content. This is something I have been doing long before the coronavirus outbreak, but since my face to face teaching has decreased, I now have more time to attend to you lovely polers around the world.  

Please enjoy the following clips and let me know if there is anything you would like to see more of.

Rowena x

Don’t forget to check out “choreography cards” to enhance your own creative tool kit. And “Speaking through Movement”.

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