An Interview with Carolina Ramos

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Carolina RamosThis week at Pole Purpose, I have had the opportunity to interview the fantastic Carolina Ramos. Carolina is an exciting professional choreographer / performer who boasts a BA Hons in Modern dance and has over 12 years of experience in the professional dance industry, combined with an additional 6 years of pole training. You will see from the interview below and through her eye catching performance work that this girl knows choreography and understands how to connect with an audience. Carolina’s work originally caught my attention because of the fluidity of the movement both on and off the pole, the seamless transitions and the heart felt performance quality.

After reading this interview, I can honestly say I have become more of a fan. I think Carolina, too, uses dance as a process to enhance self-progression and to express ideas through movement as a painter would with his paint brush. (more…)

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Too Much Movement Material

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021When creating dance there are people who will have mountains of movement material to sieve through or there are those who create far too little. For me, it can go either way, there is never just the right amount and I’m ok with that because I know the ways to work around it. There was a time when I was creating a solo and I had about 10 minutes’ worth of movement that I was trying to fit in to 4 minutes for a performance piece. It didn’t happen. I was very overwhelmed, so instead of becoming more and more frustrated I scrapped 50% of it and formed 5 sections with the rest. These 5 sections were still too long so I decided that I would narrow is down to 3. Here’s what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation.


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