It’s Not All About The Tricks

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Its not all about the tricks. Dance is not all about the tricks, how high you can get your leg or how long you can hold a certain pose. Whilst all of those things are eye catching and impressive they don’t make me feel anything apart from a second or two of “wow”. When there is a real intention behind even the slightest movement I am more impressed because it makes me question what the performer is thinking or why they chose to do that. For instance, when I was judging the Blackpool pole dance competition I was really struck by the repetitive hand gesture of one of the competitors. Her head whipped up from looking down and then her hand flipped and I was instantly drawn in. Repetition is great tool that can be used to keep an audience engaged; as humans we like to see something that is familiar which then helps us relax and remember a bit more of the performance. (more…)

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An Interview with Clem Piller

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An Interview with Clem PillerClem Piller has been dancing from a very young age which came as a result of her mother taking her to ballet classes. Her passion for dance lead her into teaching dance to young people in the local village where she lived at the time. Clem loved teaching, but it eventually took her focus away from performing. However, when Clem took up Pole Dancing she was re-inspired and ready to perform in competitions such as Pole Theatre Switzerland and Pole Art France 2015. With an open attitude that is relatable to all of us choreographers and dance enthusiasts, Clem has been honest in her sharing and is bound to inspire you to dance. (more…)

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An Interview with Marquette Carrington

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Marquette Carrington. 1.This week on Pole Purpose, we have interviewed the dynamic and versatile choreographer, Marquette Carrington, who has been working in dance since she was a child and has benefited from a variety of training in various disciplines of dance. Marquette has strong opinions on pole dance competitions, and explains how she is heavily influenced by a cultural background. After graduating from the University of Kansas city with a Fine Arts Degree in Dance Performance, Marquette was destined to be a choreographer who is dedicated to freedom of expression and staying true to a personal artistic intent. (more…)

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