Authentic Pole Dancer

Authentic Pole DancerTaking part in many different dance and physical theatre workshops, performances, dance works and creative processes I have come to learn that a lot of questions arise along the way. A recent workshop taught me that it is absolutely crucial to allow time in order to find the authentic performer. What is meant by authentic is something that is real and something that has meaning. Finding the authentic performer in yourself, in turn, will provide meaningful movement that disregards specific technique or rules that are common in dance. In the case of pole dance, this means letting go of set trick combinations, like executing 5 tricks one after the other and seeing what happens naturally instead. Maybe it will be 6 tricks, 2 or none? (more…)

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5 Ways to Improve Rehearsal Efficiency

5 Ways to Improve Rehearsal EfficiencyI often work alone in the studio and because I juggle my training around work and other commitments I am really interested in finding ways to maximize time and rehearsal efficiency. I looked at the process of other choreographers and then combined my past experiences of working with choreographers in order to generate a few ideas. My research, dance experience and weekly solo practice have led me to the strategies listed below. However, before anything else, the most important contributor to a smooth rehearsal or a fresh creative process is a relaxed, stress free mind. This post looks at how dancers / choreographers can actively make choices that will enhance the efficiency of rehearsal time. (more…)

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An Interview with Clem Piller

An Interview with Clem PillerClem Piller has been dancing from a very young age which came as a result of her mother taking her to ballet classes. Her passion for dance lead her into teaching dance to young people in the local village where she lived at the time. Clem loved teaching, but it eventually took her focus away from performing. However, when Clem took up Pole Dancing she was re-inspired and ready to perform in competitions such as Pole Theatre Switzerland and Pole Art France 2015. With an open attitude that is relatable to all of us choreographers and dance enthusiasts, Clem has been honest in her sharing and is bound to inspire you to dance. (more…)

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Breaking Movement Habits

Breaking Movement HabitsBreaking movement habits is something that all dancers should consider. But, what is it that causes us to build up this habitual way of moving? When we dance, our brain can sometimes switch onto autopilot and the movement that is soft or the movement that is explosive and powerful will look similar to something you have already done, or alike a person or a dance work you have watched a lot. Like most dancers, I’m totally guilty of habitual movement and it can sometimes leave me frustrated when I see that I am not giving myself anything else. As a remedy to combat this frustration I look what I do, why I do it and when I do it. There was a time where I watched a lot of Bob Fosse and without even realising it I ended up doing similar movement to this Jazz style, but in a contemporary dance setting. The sharp, precise movement was so glued into my brain that I found ways to put it through my body during improvisation. I like to think that it looked great, but I wasn’t giving myself anything else to play with. (more…)

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An Interview with Saulo Sarmiento

An Interview with Saulo Sarmiento 1This week’s guest artist feature is with the incredible Saulo Sarmiento; professional dance artist, acrobat and gymnast. Saulo has worked on many projects worldwide with well-established choreographers such as Franco Dragone and Giuliano Peparini. Inspired by music, Saulo’s solo practice allowed him to create an award winning piece for Pole Art 2012, in just 4 days. Through hard work and dedication, Saulo is now traveling with Cirque Du Soliel, competing in pole dance and judging pole dance competitions in his spare time. (more…)

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