5 Ways to Improve Rehearsal Efficiency

5 Ways to Improve Rehearsal EfficiencyI often work alone in the studio and because I juggle my training around work and other commitments I am really interested in finding ways to maximize time and rehearsal efficiency. I looked at the process of other choreographers and then combined my past experiences of working with choreographers in order to generate a few ideas. My research, dance experience and weekly solo practice have led me to the strategies listed below. However, before anything else, the most important contributor to a smooth rehearsal or a fresh creative process is a relaxed, stress free mind. This post looks at how dancers / choreographers can actively make choices that will enhance the efficiency of rehearsal time. (more…)

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Breaking Movement Habits

Breaking Movement HabitsBreaking movement habits is something that all dancers should consider. But, what is it that causes us to build up this habitual way of moving? When we dance, our brain can sometimes switch onto autopilot and the movement that is soft or the movement that is explosive and powerful will look similar to something you have already done, or alike a person or a dance work you have watched a lot. Like most dancers, I’m totally guilty of habitual movement and it can sometimes leave me frustrated when I see that I am not giving myself anything else. As a remedy to combat this frustration I look what I do, why I do it and when I do it. There was a time where I watched a lot of Bob Fosse and without even realising it I ended up doing similar movement to this Jazz style, but in a contemporary dance setting. The sharp, precise movement was so glued into my brain that I found ways to put it through my body during improvisation. I like to think that it looked great, but I wasn’t giving myself anything else to play with. (more…)

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Is Solo Dance Self Indulgent?

Is Solo Practice Self IndulgentVulnerability is all over me when I dance. Maybe the audience doesn’t notice it because of the way I have manipulated the movement or the way my facial expression looks as I focus on them, but I know that when I watch my work I become more and more aware of who I am . Solo practice has been labelled as “self-indulgent” and I can understand why, but I think it is the wrong description as it almost sounds as though it is a bad thing. What is wrong with being drawn into ourselves, getting to know who we are a bit better? I would say that this process is very similar to meditation which is a practice that often encourages self-development and self discovery. So many motivational speakers will tell us how much we don’t know about ourselves and they are right; to be alone with thoughts is sometimes it is a very scary thing, but I do it because I know that there will be some sort of reward at the end. Some sort of relief. (more…)

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4 Ways to Improve Your Freestyle

Pole PurposeThe most common barrier that stops people from taking part and letting go during an improvisation is fear. There is fear of what other people might think, fear that it could go wrong or fear that nothing will come to mind and you will be left standing there with nothing to do. If you are affected by any of the above, which most people are, here are four ways to get over it?


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