An Interview with Saulo Sarmiento

An Interview with Saulo Sarmiento 1This week’s guest artist feature is with the incredible Saulo Sarmiento; professional dance artist, acrobat and gymnast. Saulo has worked on many projects worldwide with well-established choreographers such as Franco Dragone and Giuliano Peparini. Inspired by music, Saulo’s solo practice allowed him to create an award winning piece for Pole Art 2012, in just 4 days. Through hard work and dedication, Saulo is now traveling with Cirque Du Soliel, competing in pole dance and judging pole dance competitions in his spare time. (more…)

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Is Solo Dance Self Indulgent?

Is Solo Practice Self IndulgentVulnerability is all over me when I dance. Maybe the audience doesn’t notice it because of the way I have manipulated the movement or the way my facial expression looks as I focus on them, but I know that when I watch my work I become more and more aware of who I am . Solo practice has been labelled as “self-indulgent” and I can understand why, but I think it is the wrong description as it almost sounds as though it is a bad thing. What is wrong with being drawn into ourselves, getting to know who we are a bit better? I would say that this process is very similar to meditation which is a practice that often encourages self-development and self discovery. So many motivational speakers will tell us how much we don’t know about ourselves and they are right; to be alone with thoughts is sometimes it is a very scary thing, but I do it because I know that there will be some sort of reward at the end. Some sort of relief. (more…)

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An Interview with Marquette Carrington

Marquette Carrington. 1.This week on Pole Purpose, we have interviewed the dynamic and versatile choreographer, Marquette Carrington, who has been working in dance since she was a child and has benefited from a variety of training in various disciplines of dance. Marquette has strong opinions on pole dance competitions, and explains how she is heavily influenced by a cultural background. After graduating from the University of Kansas city with a Fine Arts Degree in Dance Performance, Marquette was destined to be a choreographer who is dedicated to freedom of expression and staying true to a personal artistic intent. (more…)

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An Interview with Carolina Ramos

Carolina RamosThis week at Pole Purpose, I have had the opportunity to interview the fantastic Carolina Ramos. Carolina is an exciting professional choreographer / performer who boasts a BA Hons in Modern dance and has over 12 years of experience in the professional dance industry, combined with an additional 6 years of pole training. You will see from the interview below and through her eye catching performance work that this girl knows choreography and understands how to connect with an audience. Carolina’s work originally caught my attention because of the fluidity of the movement both on and off the pole, the seamless transitions and the heart felt performance quality.

After reading this interview, I can honestly say I have become more of a fan. I think Carolina, too, uses dance as a process to enhance self-progression and to express ideas through movement as a painter would with his paint brush. (more…)

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